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Small dog on treadmill

Treatments can be customized through variable water heights to accommodate different size dogs. The treadmill speed is also adjustable.

Services and Prices

Underwater Treadmill

30 minute session $35.00
Purchase 5 sessions (5% discount) $166.00
Purchase 10 sessions (10% discount) $315.00
(All sessions include towel drying)


In tank massage with jets $30.00
10-15 minute massage $20.00
10-15 minute Reiki session $15.00

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy. It can be done "hands on" or sent long distance. There are three levels of Reiki, with each building on the last. The great thing about Reiki is that it can never be forced on the recipient, and it can never cause harm. If accepted, it can help balance, and help heal whatever is causing discord. Animals often respond to Reiki very quickly, probably because they have no expectations.