About Me

Eldon walking in tank Dogs have been a part of my life since I was three years old. I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but having some learning disabilities seemed to get in the way. I've worked many different jobs, but till now my favorite was working with autistic kids. Maybe this was because with them my learning disabilities were a help instead of a hindrance? Though still working with kids, I became certified in people massage, and received my Level I Reiki Attunement. A few years later I moved to Grants Pass, Oregon and became a "hobby" farmer, getting a couple of horses, goats, and of course more dogs. After my young lab had knee surgery, I became certified in canine massage, and have since finished Levels II and III Reiki. Though I have the title of Reiki Master, I feel I have a lot more learning to do. In March of 2008, I purchased a canine underwater treadmill to compliment my massage business. I now can't even imagine doing anything else. I have met so many nice people, who genuinely care for their dogs. And, I have learned so much from the dogs who have allowed me to work on them. They humble me every day.