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Photo of Daniel

Daniel, my lab, had TPLO surgery when he was very young . . . He loved the "tank" sessions and several years later he is still going strong.
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Hydro Therapy for Dogs

Welcome To Pawsitive Touch For Dogs. I opened this facility in March 2008. I am located inside Home Away From Home at 100 NE Mill St., Grants Pass, OR.

Dog on underwater treadmill

Underwater Treadmill

The underwater treadmill is designed specifically for canine rehabilitation. It allows dogs to begin the rehabilitation process earlier than normal. Using the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat), the underwater treadmill creates a low-impact workout that helps the animal to increase muscle strength and endurance, and allows for a quicker transition to land-base therapy.

Benefits From Treatment

Debbie Erb

Certified Canine Massage Therapist

Reiki Levels I, II, and III

Years of hip and knee rehab experience with her own dog.

Dog in tank using treadmill

I have two dogs that have had surgery. I did a lot of research on helping dogs through rehabilitation after surgery. The underwater treadmill was the best treatment I found.

Dog wagging tail

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